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Money Troubles.

R & L Recruitment understands that many people across the UK have money issues that can affect their day to day lives. People from all different backgrounds and situations could suffer from money issues, this is nothing to be ashamed of and the below links are designed to help you and your situation.

Mental Health Issues.

Mental Health and mental well-being is an important part of today’s society and we understand that sometimes people need help and assistance with their mental well-being. The below links can provide you with helpful and informative information. We recommend you look at some of these sites even if you don’t feel you have any mental issues as understanding mental well-being is extremely important and can prevent issues from occuring.


In today’s society, we are working towards a more inclusive and accepting approach to peoples sexual preferences. The below links can be informative and helpful if you, yourself requires any help or assistance with your life choices.

Additional Links.

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